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Ancient civilizations apparently knew about light, namely its route of entry into the body and some of its major effects on the body’s regulatory centers and their functions. Light is composed of waves of radiant energy and contains different wavelengths, provided the total electromagnetic spectrum under which all life on this planet has evolved. This module mainly details us with light energy and how where we find it in our promises. Kitchen is the place where fire element should be dominant. So the best direction for the Vastu friendly kitchen is South East direction as per Vastu Shastra. The learned & intellect Vastu consultant like Dr Anand Bhardwaj is always open to address your queries. Vastu Shastra is becoming very popular now a days & so is the awareness about Vastu. Similarly people are looking for the best vastu consultants in Delhi & Delhi NCR like best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad, Best Vastu experts in Gurgaon & best Vastu experts & consultants in Noida. Even in Faridabad too people are searching the top most Vastu experts in the city. We have multi-faceted approach to Vastu remedies.
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