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East-West direction, such houses were much receptive to the Natural air cooling, thus there was hardly any need of any artificial means to do away with the sweat in summer season, whereas Chandra-Bedhi houses could not get the same flow of natural air. As per Vastu Science Water Element is located in the “Ishaan Corner”. Vastu Science gives evidences of benefits of having the water element in the “North East”. Always choose the best consultant. Choosing the best consultant is an unmatchable ability. Sometimes we think that the negative Vastu is damaging our comfort from inside the house BUT ironically many times the negative energy may be hitting our premises from outside. The learned & intellect Vastu consultant like Dr Anand Bhardwaj is always open to address your queries. Vastu Shastra is becoming very popular now a days & so is the awareness about Vastu. Similarly people are looking for the best vastu consultants in Delhi & Delhi NCR like best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad, Best Vastu experts in Gurgaon & best Vastu experts & consultants in Noida. Even in Faridabad too people are searching the top most Vastu experts in the city.
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