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It is recommended to build beautiful fountains and underground water storages in Ishaan direction location in North-East so that by appropriately mixing with the ultraviolet rays, water vapors and moist air this corner may turn to be scientifically helpful for human beings. Its droplets constitute billions of tiny prisms which after mixing up with soft morning rays boost the entire morning Sunlight in the shape of unlimited number of Vibgyors swinging air. The Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon also meets those who are interested in Vastu Tips for Wealth. Vastu Tips for home BUT the big question is that Why Vastu shastra is important?... What is Vastu Shastra? Then Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR dealing in also the most auspicious Vastu i.e. Religious Vastu and do Vastu Shastra for Temples that includes Vastu Shastra for pooja rooms at home. Dr Anand Bhardwaj also deals in Commercial Vastu, VASTU FOR OFFICES, VASTU FOR SHOPS etc. Dr Bhardwaj is one of the most popular names that Vastu Tips for the House, Residential Vastu, Vastu Tips for the Children’s Room & Vastu tips for Bathroom also include in the Vastu advice. Vastu Tips for Bedroom. As well as Vastu Tips for Kitchen are the topics on which Dr Anand will give lecture in the Architectural colleges.
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