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Boosting Ishaan Corner with Positive Vibrations By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, MA, MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. Eq. D.Lit (Vastu), World’s Highest Qualified Vastu Consultant, 37 Years Experience, Recipient of 51 Awards, 6 Gold Medals, Senior Vastu Guru Though absence of Jala Devta (Water element) in the cold corner i.e. Ishaan (north-east) direction may cause multiple discomforts in terms of health and financial aspects, yet presence of the same in Agneya corner may cause blood & skin related problems. Even if we find that the main underground & overhead water source both are placed in fire corner located in south-east, there remains each chance of major accidents and blood related problems amongst the senior family members which can further be deteriorated upto the extent of cancer or serious heart diseases, leading to the climax of life. Underground water in Nairutya corner affects the senior male family members. Water, being the major constituent of Panchtatva (Panch Mahabhuta) plays a vital role in every one’s life. Not only In our age old VASTU SHASTRA it is forbidden to allow the accumulation of water or its stay at a place for long, but also it is scientifically proved that stagnated water in a premises is absolutely unhygienic & causes health problems, that too if it stays in an area which is away from the influences of anti-bacterial or anti-fungal area. Therefore never allow water to remain still in the premises especially in west, south or South-west. Recently I have experienced during my Vastu-visit in an industrial premises that has suffered a lot due to huge underground water storage in Nairutya (south-west) direction. Not only this, it has its main gate in South-west portion & since day one, the industry is in troubles. It is recommended to build beautiful fountains & under ground water storage in Ishaan direction that can welcome the rising sun. Its droplets constitute billion of tiny prisms which represent the entire morning sunlight in the shape of unlimited number of VIBGYORS swinging in air from Vayavya (North-west) to East, thus blessings & benefits can not be explained in words. Imagine, if your premises is everyday purified with such a strong natural spectrum powers, stagnation shall not find its place in your life? However it is strongly recommended to take care in deciding an area for building a water source/ fountain/ falls/ underground water storage tank etc. not to puncture the diagonal joining the ISHAAN & VAYAVYA corners (known as the spinal cord of a premises) whereas putting a pit or hollow structure in Bramha Sthana (most sensitive navel point) may adversely effect your stability. You can take life long benefits of Vastu advice. The positive impacts of the same shall be clearly felt. While defining and describing the various directions of Vastu Shastra, the most prominent sub direction of east & north is the ISHAAN corner that symbolises the water corner hence is known to be the cool or cold corner in whole of the premises. This is an area where we recommend placing the fountains, water symbols, lentil plants or a place for worshipping the calm natured deities. Needless to say that this corner is also known as the submissive corner which means that this cool direction has the impact of making people cool in all respects. Therefore Vastu always advises to avoid staying in this direction, however this is a good place for studies and performing spiritual activities like yoga etc. but it is also essential to boost the circulation of blood in such a manner that one always keep on feeling himself to be energetic, smart & reasonably active. On the other hand low blood pressure, less heat in body, decrease of sensations in different organs may turn any one older at comparatively faster rate. So why to place yourself in the area that makes you cool like frozen water. It is always advised in Vastu Shastra to inhale the Positivity through auspicious, positive and productive directions. The master bed room is best suited in the sub direction of Nairutya with bed in extreme south-west corner of the room. Recently I met one of my clients in a posh location in south Delhi where he was feeling himself an incomplete man and restless due to his personal reasons. There were few anti-Vastu signs in his staying portion. He was dwelling in the Ishaan direction and had a window in the back side of his bed. In course of Vastu correction, the bed of this gentleman was slightly moved aside so that no hollow area remains at the back and no poisonous arrow points towards him that may cause such negative feeling that challenges his manhood. It was also advised to shift over to the bed room located in south-west of the premises, presently being used as the guest room. The symbols of couples like a pair of mandarin ducks is a good Fengshui item to place in the south-west corner of your double bed but please note that both of the ducks should coherent to the similar direction because their facing to opposite direction may create unnecessary differences between the husband and wife living there.
Let the House Breathe-Vastuwise By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj MA, MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. Eq. D.Lit (Vastu) Vastu Consultant, Email: Creation of a building design from aesthetic point of view is always based on the concept imaginarily created by the owner or user but at times it may also get influenced by other external factors. The modern artists, elevation experts, structural engineers and other artistic-cum-technical experts greatly influence the pre-set mind of the landlords. Undoubtedly the aim of each technocrat is focussed upon the utility, look, cost factor and many other factors. The desire to create something new & different always remains the motivational factor for the whole team involved in making the building a unique one. Certainly they get success up to much extent but a crucial factor is often overlooked. Yes, this is the insertion of ‘Life Energy’ in the building that carries high value. Vastu Shastra is a science that clubs the building and its habitats with a holistic & emotional thread by instilling a rhythm that vibrates on the same frequency in the concrete building structure as well as in the inmates. Building biology is a subject emerged from modern Vastu science that elaborates & guides how to create the life energy in the structure made up of bricks, iron, concrete, wood and other building material which are known as the lifeless materials.
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Why Basements are negative in Vastu Shastra? Basement is called the tenth direction i.e. PAATAAL.. In basement only Earth element is present, .......... no sun rays, no air, no rain, no light. Hence this is an example of unbalancing of 5 elements. Secondly, lower you go, less is the oxygen. Like higher you go less is oxygen. Besides, basements are the most vulnerable places during building collapse due to earth quake or other accidents. The mobile signal work with difficulty in basement. In most of the countries, people make basements with great craze, but end up throwing unwanted scrap, clutters, old furniture etc over a period of time & they have cobwebs, dumping, moisture, cracks, fungi, dark etc... making the basement a hell. Tenth direction is made by almighty to save few creatures from bad weather like snakes, lizards, toads, insects etc... So why should a man live in such area. However, the army hides in trenches made underground during war. In our normal life, this is not required. Even then, if you manage proper natural light, air circulation, aroma, maintenance, cleanliness, it can be a drawing room but not good for Pooja, study, yoga, sleeping etc.
Introduction of Vastu Shastra: Vaastu Shastra is about 5000 years old Indian Vedic Science which has laid down the detailed guidelines for the dwelling of human being on this earth so that he can live with peace, prosperity, good health and harmony. The broad guidelines of Vastu Science are expressed in our great epics like Atharv Veda, Gita, Mayamatam, Mansar, Vishwakarma Prakash, Samrangan Sutradhar, Vastu-Ratnavali, and Sthapatya Veda etc. The fundamental concepts of Vastu were laid down by our Rishi-Munis through their search in ancient era. Shloka: 'kkL=sukusu loZL; yksdL; ije lq[kaA prqZoxZ QykizkfIr 'yksdk’p Hkos;qoeAA f’kYi 'kkL= ifjKkuk e`R;ksfi lqtsrke oztsrA ijekuan tdL; nsokukfe fnfejreAA f’kYi fouk ugaha txrh"kq yksds"kq fo|rsA txnfouk u f’kYikap orZrs okloizHkksAA fo’odeZ Meaning – Because of Vastu Shastra, the whole universe use to get good health, harmony, happiness and all round prosperity. Human beings attain divinity with this knowledge. Followers of Vastu Shastra, get not only worldly pleasure but also experience heavenly bliss. Vastu, not only form an overall rhythm to cushion the building structure but also bless with the growth, harmony and good health to all the people living in it. 1.2 WHAT IS VASTU SHASTRA? In Sanskrit, Vastu means to build environment and a surrounding. The word “Vastu” came from the “Vastva”, means anything which provides shelter such as a premises made as a house, shelter, building etc. In Sanskrit, Shastra means a perfect system or a by-laws. Vastu shastra finds its origin in the Sthapatya Veda, which is a part of Atharv Veda. Vastu Shastra, in fact, is nothing but creating a congenital environment by taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called “Panch Maha-Bhootas” of the nature thus paving way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment. The human being is made of these five elements. The origination begins from the earth, then one enjoys other elements like air, space, fire (sun light and sun rays), attains the young age, then enters old age and at last merges with the earth either though ashes or through burial. The distinction between the eternal spirit soul and the changing material body is the cycle of life shown in the picture. The embodied soul continuously passes though material body from childhood to young and then to old age. The death is the last episode in one life cycle. The soul similarly passes it to other body at the death because we are conditioned by material nature (earth, water, fire, air and space). Vastu Shastra in short can also be defined as harmonious and positive interaction of all matters encompassing human life. As described in the Vedas, Vastu Shasta is a confluence of two streams, which are artistic in viewpoint and aesthetic in outlook.