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This module explains the scientific aspects of cosmic energies along with the origin of earth and its properties. The earth was formed from parts of sun which escaped due to high rotating speed of sun. Other planets also formed in similar fashion and they all ended up rotating in the existing solar system due to their individual mass and gravity. Earth was the only planet which started cooling down and human beings came into existence due to favorable atmosphere and environment. Now the question arises how all the human beings and other objects manage to remain on the surface of earth even though it is also speedily rotating. The gravitational force explains this mechanism. This module also explains the reasoning behind the diversity in its climate. The main crux of this module is to introduce the concept of atoms because everything including earth, five elements etc. are made of atoms. An atom consists of neutron, proton and electron. Neutron and proton are located in nucleus whereas electron keeps moving around the nucleus in a predetermined orbit. This motion is unending and is said to be governed by an ultimate energy which is also known as God. This module also gives some useful information such as all the auspicious energies flow from east to west and north to south directions. It also explains the benefits and side effects of the sun rays. For example, morning sun rays are good for health whereas afternoon sun rays can cause damage after a tolerable limit. • Vastu for Plot Drawings & Vibes • House Plan Vastu • Commercial Plan Vastu advice • Vastu Shastra for Building Plan • Detailed Vastu For Scheme • Construction & Vastu Design • Vastu for house map in hindi • Drawing With Vastu Tenets • Vastu Planning & Implementation • Creative Ideas For Vastu • Innovative Vastu Guidelines • Vastu in Modern Architecture • Tips of Vastu for making a drawing • Construction drawings as per Vastu • Workable Plan Vastu • Various designs as per Vastu • Drawings according to Vastu Shastra
Under ground water storage tanks:  Underground water tank (for storage of water) well, hand-pump, boring etc. should be built in north-east direction only. Height of these water bodies should never be above the plinth level of the main building.  While making an under ground water storage tank, small swimming pool, bore well etc. in north-east, just take a precautions that it should not lie on the imaginary diagonal line joining north-east to south west. This is a very sensitive point to be considered.  The underground water reservoir, tank, bore well, well or a pond should be in north, east or north-east. A well or any other pit in the south-east or north-west directions cause enmity, disputes, litigation and arguments in the family or a business set-up. A well or any other pit in the south-west may cause serious impact on the life of the chief of the family.  (The writer Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the highest qualified Vastu consultants of the world, dealing in Scientific Vastu with above 39 years experience, specialized in Vastu Corrections without Demolition. He can be contacted thru:, or # 9999256700, 9811656700  G: Why an underground water storage tank is appreciated in North, North-east (Ishaan Corner) & East directions in Vastu:  North being totally away from sunrays, and North-East being very slightly in touch with the same and till middle of East of a premises it is very less influenced with sunrays, heat etc. Thus if an underground water storage tank is constructed in the above cited three directions, the stored water shall remain cool. Thus, there is very less possibility of its being polluted or generation of any kind of fungi, bacteria, or decomposed rotten water accumulation. Now, if the same water is being used by human being for multiple purposes, the probability of its harming effect is very low as compared to the water used from an underground water storage tank located in heat influenced directions of South, South-East or South-West, because frequent change in temperature from morning till evening gives rise to generation of fungi and poisonous fermentation of fine dirt, dust and other water born bacteria. Secondly, it is advised in Vastu to use and rotate the under-ground stored water for healthy life. Not only In our age old Vastu Shastra it is forbidden to allow the accumulation of water or its stay at a place for long, but also it is scientifically proved that stagnated water in a premises is absolutely unhygienic & causes health problems, that too if it stays in an area which is prone to bacteria or fungus. (The writer Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the highest qualified Vastu consultants of the world, dealing in Scientific Vastu with above 39 years experience, specialized in Vastu Corrections without Demolition. He can be contacted thru:, or # 9999256700, 9811656700
VASTU-SHASTRA - AN INDIAN CONCEPT: Vaidic (Vedic) Vastu is a knowledge of natural vibrations that talks about a variety of natural energies, forces & factors in Indian context. Therefore it may be applied in the countries of the world located on the same latitude or around it having India-like weather, climate & other environmental factors. These are applicable to the regions & countries of only northern hemisphere & the areas which have the natural environment like India. Vastu works on a number of factors like: • Earth’s natural shape, tilt & structure, • Its rotation around its imaginary axis, • Earth’s movement around the sun, • Distance from all the planets/ stars, • Earth’s magnetic power, • Wind direction, • Intensity of sunrays, • Terrain & topography, • Weather conditions, • Landscape factors, • Local climate etc. Hence, it shall not be justified to apply the Indian Vaidic Vastu Shastra’s doctrine on every part of the world uniformly. Using the fixed thumb-rules of Vedic Vastu in each condition is not the wisdom. It may not be applied universally on all the global properties wherein the longitudes and latitudes vary from place to place, sun rays’ sharpness is not the same as India, wind direction is different, rains intensity, direction and quantity of rainfall etc. are different, terrain and topography are not the same. At some locations like Africa the deserts are there, in New Zealand volcanic substrata is present, at some locations glaciers and snow clad mountains are present. Similarly many Vastu factors are just opposite in the southern hemisphere. How do we apply vastu norms in such locations depends upon our intellectual capabilities, analytical ability & presence of mind. But certainly we cannot advise everyone on the globe the Vastu advice derived from Indian Vedic epics & Shastras. The big question is to classify the factors and justify rationally. Even in northern, southern, eastern & western parts of India the direction of wind is not uniform even during whole year. Therefore a blanket application of routine vastu norms would be incorrect to apply unanimously. Need of Scientific Vastu: In view of the above, there arose a great need of introduction of scientific Vastu principles which can be put logically. Hence too much research work took place during last two decades & in these studies the scholars tried to decode the fundamentals of Vaidic Vastu Shastra and tried to explain the scientific reasons behind each Vastu principle. These thesis’ contain a lot of data analysis, explanations & classifications to be used as the basic fundamental by the Vastu consultants while doing a Vastu audit & giving advice. Gradually the learned research scholars succeeded to present their logical reasoning behind the doctrine of Indian Vaidic Vastu Shastra, but at the same time this intensive research & analysis cropped up the question mark on the ‘universal application of Vedic principles in all parts of the globe”. Therefore advising in other countries has come up as a challenge for the Vastu consultants operating all over the world. For example many principles of logical Vastu change all together in Australia which is located in the almost extreme of southern hemisphere. This is obvious that the main aim of Vastu has always aimed at working for the welfare of human being on this mother earth so that he can enjoy good health, wealth & harmony. That is why the logical & scientific Vastu came in existence during last one decade. However, to apply the scientific & logical Vastu in different situation & at different location depends upon the knowledge, awareness & intellect of Vastu consultant. This type of application of Vastu is also known as the modern Vastu but minute elaboration of global Vastu is not encrypted anywhere so far. Therefore we use the Vedic Vastu tenets differently with reference to the local situations, environment, climate and position on the globe by applying our individual wisdom. In current Vastu courses students will learn the Indian Vaidic Vastu (Vedic Vaastu) with their logical applications in different situations. The scientific reasoning & their logical ground may be grasped by the students so that they can apply their knowledge rationally in various situations. But the universal (global) application of Vastu does not come under the definition of Vedic (or Vaidic) Vastu. However in this course we will cover the essential part of traditional, epical, logical, & scientific application of Vedic Vastu.
Why Basements are negative in Vastu Shastra? Basement is called the tenth direction i.e. PAATAAL.. In basement only Earth element is present, .......... no sun rays, no air, no rain, no light. Hence this is an example of unbalancing of 5 elements. Secondly, lower you go, less is the oxygen. Like higher you go less is oxygen. Besides, basements are the most vulnerable places during building collapse due to earth quake or other accidents. The mobile signal work with difficulty in basement. In most of the countries, people make basements with great craze, but end up throwing unwanted scrap, clutters, old furniture etc over a period of time & they have cobwebs, dumping, moisture, cracks, fungi, dark etc... making the basement a hell. Tenth direction is made by almighty to save few creatures from bad weather like snakes, lizards, toads, insects etc... So why should a man live in such area. However, the army hides in trenches made underground during war. In our normal life, this is not required. Even then, if you manage proper natural light, air circulation, aroma, maintenance, cleanliness, it can be a drawing room but not good for Pooja, study, yoga, sleeping etc.
Introduction of Vastu Shastra: Vaastu Shastra is about 5000 years old Indian Vedic Science which has laid down the detailed guidelines for the dwelling of human being on this earth so that he can live with peace, prosperity, good health and harmony. The broad guidelines of Vastu Science are expressed in our great epics like Atharv Veda, Gita, Mayamatam, Mansar, Vishwakarma Prakash, Samrangan Sutradhar, Vastu-Ratnavali, and Sthapatya Veda etc. The fundamental concepts of Vastu were laid down by our Rishi-Munis through their search in ancient era. Shloka: 'kkL=sukusu loZL; yksdL; ije lq[kaA prqZoxZ QykizkfIr 'yksdk’p Hkos;qoeAA f’kYi 'kkL= ifjKkuk e`R;ksfi lqtsrke oztsrA ijekuan tdL; nsokukfe fnfejreAA f’kYi fouk ugaha txrh"kq yksds"kq fo|rsA txnfouk u f’kYikap orZrs okloizHkksAA fo’odeZ Meaning – Because of Vastu Shastra, the whole universe use to get good health, harmony, happiness and all round prosperity. Human beings attain divinity with this knowledge. Followers of Vastu Shastra, get not only worldly pleasure but also experience heavenly bliss. Vastu, not only form an overall rhythm to cushion the building structure but also bless with the growth, harmony and good health to all the people living in it. 1.2 WHAT IS VASTU SHASTRA? In Sanskrit, Vastu means to build environment and a surrounding. The word “Vastu” came from the “Vastva”, means anything which provides shelter such as a premises made as a house, shelter, building etc. In Sanskrit, Shastra means a perfect system or a by-laws. Vastu shastra finds its origin in the Sthapatya Veda, which is a part of Atharv Veda. Vastu Shastra, in fact, is nothing but creating a congenital environment by taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called “Panch Maha-Bhootas” of the nature thus paving way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment. The human being is made of these five elements. The origination begins from the earth, then one enjoys other elements like air, space, fire (sun light and sun rays), attains the young age, then enters old age and at last merges with the earth either though ashes or through burial. The distinction between the eternal spirit soul and the changing material body is the cycle of life shown in the picture. The embodied soul continuously passes though material body from childhood to young and then to old age. The death is the last episode in one life cycle. The soul similarly passes it to other body at the death because we are conditioned by material nature (earth, water, fire, air and space). Vastu Shastra in short can also be defined as harmonious and positive interaction of all matters encompassing human life. As described in the Vedas, Vastu Shasta is a confluence of two streams, which are artistic in viewpoint and aesthetic in outlook.