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The best direction for kitchen is South-East direction. It is an obvious and natural fact that earth moves from West to East and the Sun (Surya Devata) is stationary. In this course of rotating, the earth’s surface is differently blessed with Agni Tatva during different periods of the day. This is that the South-East direction of each house receives the maximum quantity of comfortable and soft heat. Hence Vastu proposes to place the kitchen in South-East i.e. Agni direction in Vastu. The radiation in the morning Sunrays till 11’ o clock is influenced with ultraviolet I and ultraviolet II (UV I and UV II, also called UV- A and UV-B) which have the quality to preserve the food stuff because of the Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial influence. One fine day I met a strong Vastu believer who was looking for the Astrology and Vastu Consultant in India and also the Best TV Astrologer in India. He told he is a firm Vastu believer & want Vastu expert in Delhi NCR including the Best vastu Consultant in Gurgaon. On the other hand few people look for the Religious Vastu Expert in Delhi. Those who are God fearing, look for Temples vastu Expert in Gurgaon & similar cities like Ghaziabad. Commercial Vastu Expert in Delhi are available in big number but experts Vastu advisers or Vastu experts are difficult to identify. Multiplex Vastu Consultant in Delhi use to guide the client about the box office & theatre etc. whereas Vastu Expert for Kitchen in Delhi ncr deals best in Residential Vasstu.
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