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Therefore if any of the abovementioned skin / body is damaged, we are never at ease. The main cause behind the ignorance is that we cry if our body gets hurt, we feel socially bad if the clothes we are wearing are damaged, but our premises can not share its grief with us, though it is hurt. But certainly it sends the message in silent language to us, to which we definitely feel, but again overlook the same. I remember that in olden times few people in the traditional rural society were expert to encounter negativities & ill souls by hammering a nail in thresholds, floor, roof-corners or other effected areas pointing inside after a detailed analysis of stimulating various energies. This activity was called “KEELNA”. What shall be the consequences if the entire building is nailed by us pointing outside, thus resisting all the energy from entering into the building. vastu consultant in Jammu and Kashmir, vastu consultants in Jammu and Kashmir, vastu consultant in Jharkhand, vastu consultants in Jharkhand. more information call 9811656700
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