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VASTU FOR PLOT: Vastu For Land, Vastu For House Plot, Vastu for earth, Earth Energy: There are three main factors which one should consider while buying a plot. These are location, shape and direction of the plot. Location: The location of a plot is important because it has the direct impact on people’s life living in that plot. There should not be a cemetery, graveyard or tomb adjacent to the plot or in front or back. Also, the residential plot should not be in close proximity to any temple, church, dharamshala, school, hospital, public well and worshipable trees. These places remain busy and crowded most of the time which can result into disturbance or inconvenience for the people living nearby. Also, the plot shouldn’t be sandwiched between two big plots/buildings. Shape: In Vastu science, the square and rectangle shaped plots are considered auspicious. However, in case of unavailability of such plots, one can consider other geometrical shapes e.g. pentagonal, hexagonal, parallelogram (triangle is not preferred though) etc. The trapezoid shapes can also be considered, however, there are two factors which one should keep in mind. For residential purpose, the front of the plot should be narrow whereas the back side can be broader. On the other hand, it should be other way around for business purpose i.e. the front side should be broader and the back side should be narrow. There are some other details related to the shapes of the plot which are covered in my answers below. Direction: East and north facing houses are preferred most. East facing premises are the best whereas north facing premises are good for bringing monetary comforts. West is usually the second preference. South facing premises is also fine as long as the building is Vastu compliant. However, for any business, factories, metal related work, property dealings, petrol pump, interior and exterior related business, west facing premises is considered to be as good as east and north facing premises. Also, the plot with roads in east or north directions is considered to be positive. Main Door Vastu matter, Best Vastu Doors, Material of Main Door Vastu, Sliding Doors in Vastu, Opening of main door inside or outside, One Palla gate as per Vastu, Two palla main door as per Vastu, Colours of Main Door, Vastu for main door in Hindi, Positive Vastu Position of Main Door, Right Directions of Main entrance Door, Height of Main Vastu Entrance, Vastu tips for main door, Vastu for shape of the main door, Vastu for main door designs, Mukhya Dwaar Height, Width of Mukhya Dwaar, Name plate as per Vastu, Vastu Friendly Material of Name, House Numbers as per Vastu, Shape of Main Doors in Vastu
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